Channel & Alliance Programs

Channel & Alliance Programs

Channel & Alliance Programs


Drive Revenue Through New and Better Channel Programs

Management expands your market reach while generating better margins utilizing economic, cloud-based technology.

Integrated channel management brings the best of inventory and pricing processes, design registrations, price protection, and stock rotation,

Deal Registration: Enables channel partners to register deals and create activities.

Channel Inventory: Track channel inventory levels to determine inventory deferred revenue, eligibility for debits, and available quantity and value.

Price Protection: Accurately determine which distributors and inventories are eligible for credits when revising pricing.

Stock Protection: Automate the governance of stock rotation with eligibility rules and distribution RMA processes.. 

Channel Management

Channel & Alliance Programs

Channel & Alliance Programs


Improve Margins with increased Channel Management

Increase visibility into channel design registrations, while improving ease of doing business and rewarding the channel.


Establish effective channel management processes with your distributors, delivering a shared, data-driven view of channel pricing and inventory.

Improve the ease of doing business with your channel partners by accelerating deal cycles and ensuring accurate payments

Create and manage state-of-the-art channel programs that delight both your partners and your end customers.

Increase the accuracy of channel inventory tracking by receiving quality data from our Channel Data Management.

Eliminate margin leakage by using channel inventory to constrain usage of special pricing authorizations in real time.

Deal Management

Channel & Alliance Programs

Deal Management


Increase Revenue with End-user and Channel Compliance

Increase revenue by 2 to 3 percent with contract compliance and by eliminating overpayments to channels.

Dramatically reduce quote cycle time by setting profitable multi-channel deals with distribution partners and contract manufacturers across multiple regions.

Increase the accuracy of quote win rates and contract compliance by receiving quality POS and POP data .

Improve deal conversion rates and protect transaction margin by increasing visibility into global demand and managing quoting, opportunity tracking, and contract compliance processes, including granular approval processes.